Manchester United £60m Target Set To Put Pen To Paper

Juventus midfield starlet, Paul Pogba is set for a contract extension with his club Juventus football club of Turin. The frecnchman who arrived Italy from Manchester United has since being an integral part of the Turin based club helping the feam to successive Serie A titles. With specultations continuing to be rife that Chelsea and Manchester United are on a move to get him back to England, the contract extension might all but put paid to any chance of him moving. While this may not be a favourable news to the two English clubs, Manchester United can al least be happy that he wont be joining their title rivals anytime soon. Pogba, who joined Manchester United in 2009 from French club, Le Havre left the Old Trafford outfit due to lack of senior team appearances. He left for Juventus three years later after refusing to renew his contract. Events that led to his Old Trafford departure is a subject for another day.

Manchester United have been trying everything possible to make their runaway star come back to Old Trafford but this might sort of look like a wild goose chase. It would be difficult to convince a player that left the club with accusations of marginalization that he still has a future with the club. This is not like Ronaldo who has fond memories of Old Trafford. Pogba would not want to make the same mistake twice. But football, most especially player transfer is governed by cash. With the right price, loyalty is always thrown to the winds in favour of earnings. The Frenchman’s contract extension ties him down to a deal with Juventus. And this does not mean spending his entire career there. He might, and he might not. Chelsea adding Pogba to their ranks at the expense of Manchester United will further increase the gap between the strenght of the two teams. And this is not what the Red Devils would wish for at present. While a price in the region of GBP50 million might seem outrageous for the Frenchman, any club that eventually pay for his services is assured. This is a boy who is ranked top among his peer.

Manchester United’s problem is not the fact that he is extending his contract. Rather, it is the possibility of him being priced away out of their reach by the rich man of Chelsea. Even the mere thought of the possibility of Pogba joining Chelsea is a nightmare for the Red Devils as this would translate to amajor transfer coup for the London club. Yes, Manchester United has more to fear with Pogba in Chelsea more than the Frenchman remaining in Italy. His continued stay in Juventus means there still exist the possibility of Manchester United signing him in future. But a move to Chelsea will all but put paid to any chance of Pogba ever returning to Old Trafford again.

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