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Manchester United fans chanted Jose’s name, their dream coming true, manager to be officially introduced to players

Louis Van Gaal, the Manchester United manager, is under some real pressure after the team has lost against Norwich City. This defeat has left United at the 5th place of the points table. Even a few weeks ago, the team was at the top of the table. Before this defeat, Van Gaal’s position at the club was never under jeopardy.
The defeat has left everyone shocked and certainly some changes will be made. Moreover, Manchester United is going through a winless run in six matches in a row. Such a situation never appeared when Sir Alex was in charge. Such results led to rumors that this will be LVG’s last season with Manchester United.

Recently Chelsea FC has sacked their manager Jose Mourinho as well. During the match against Norwich, the Manchester United fans chanted Jose’s name. This shows how frustrated they are with LVG. Now the question is, if Jose Mourinho actually becomes the coach of Manchester United, will it be good for the club?

The answer is a pretty complicated one. However, Sir Alex thinks Jose Mourinho will be the best fit for Manchester United. For analyzing, let’s take a look at the major issues that are faced by Manchester United.

Defense hasn’t been one of the major issues for Manchester United this season. They don’t have big names at the back, apart from the highly rated David De Gea. Still they have managed to concede very few amounts of goals. The main problem lies in the front line.

Star player Wayne Rooney is out of touch through the whole season. Youngster Anthony Martial has shown his class on quite a few occasions, but didn’t find the consistency that was necessary. Same goes for Juan Mata as well.

Well, Jose Mourinho likes to play with a compact defense with speedy players who will run through the opposition defense on the break. Manchester United already has a compact defense. But they might not have players who will be able to serve Mourinho well at the frontline. But if the management gives Jose the freedom to reshape the squad in the transfer window, then the team might get positive results with him.

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