Manchester United has sights locked on Thomas Muller

Manchester United is off to a flying start in the Premier League, despite beginning the season short of quality strikers. Back-to-back victories are refreshing, but all these triumphs were narrow margin ones and it is obvious that Louis van Gaal needs some talent up-front. In order to stay within striking distance of Manchester City, they need to consolidate their roster and Thomas Muller is the kind of player they are looking for.

Bayern Munich representatives have made it crystal clear that Thomas Muller is an unsellable asset and have announced a fantastic deal for their striker. The world champion will receive almost £50m over the next five years, as a part of a generous arrangement prepared by the German club. He has an ongoing contract with Bayern and no intention to terminate it before the deadline, but Manchester United knows how to make irresistible propositions.

Record-breaking transfer fee

Last time they went over the top with an offer, the result was in accord with the expectations as Angel Di Maria joined the red Devils. This time, they are willing to pay as much as £88m in an attempt to sway Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, while inadvertently setting a new transfer record. This is the third offer Manchester United makes for the talented striker, after the previous were turned down by Bayern.

The English club has already acquired Anthony Martial for a staggering sum of £36m, an amount that was regarded as absurd for such a young player. After scoring a brilliant goal against Liverpool, the fans have changed their attitude towards the young French striker. Louis van Gaal is willing to gamble once again and would spend significantly more for a proven talent, but even the most generous offers seem to bounce off Bayern Munich.

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