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Manchester United To ANNOUNCE Pedro Signing Within 24 Hours, Chelsea Lose Out

Barcelona forward Pedro Rodriguez may be joining Manchester United sooner rather than later. The Spanish player who just turned 28 recently has been severely linked to Manchester United throughout this summer transfer window and was recently paraded on the cover of Spanish newspaper Sport in a Manchester United jersey which might indicate that a deal might be finalised very soon.

The news of Pedro close to joining United does not seem to be just a normal transfer window rumour, with the news starting to gain momentum which might indicate that there might be some truth after all in the rumours being generated.

The 28 year old is considered a replacement for Argentine winger Di Maria if the winger eventually moves to PSG. It is understood that Barcelona are not willing to part with the Spanish player for anything short of 30 million euros with United not willing to pay more than 25 million euros for the Spanish player but it seems an agreement will be reached by both clubs very soon.

Pedro may be seen as downgrade to his predecessor Di Maria but has been tipped to have more impact on the team than Di Maria did. The 28 year old may not be a spectacular player but he is effcient, he is known to deliver on jobs assign to him by his coaches and could be the missing piece to Van Gaal’s possession puzzle.

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