Manchester United To Replace De Gea With Bale And Benzema

Manchester United are reportedly ready for the coop of the century as they are ready to poach both Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale from Real Madrid if the La Liga giants succeed in luring present Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea to the Bernabeu.

Manchester United are reportedly planning to use De Gea as leverage to ensure they get their hands on Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema who are presently unsettled at the Bernabeu with the arrival of new manager Rafa Benitez who might be looking to sell of both Benzema and Bale.

The specualtions are rife that De Gea has already bid Manchester United and fans at Old Trafford goodbye and is only waiting for the final steps of his contract negotiations which already looks done and dusted.

Although De Gea might not be allowed to leave for nothing less than £30 million,  this is expected not to be a snag in Madrid’s plans as they have the wherewithall and capability to carry out the necessary processes and to cought out a measly £30 million for a player they really need.

Although Manchester United have signed Memphis Depay, club legend Phil Neville believes that the Red Devils need to spend more to get the needed players to be a real challenge at the English Premier League this season.

He said: “This coming season is the season Van Gaal will be judged.” “Supporters will want more next year. Man United still needs to spend £100 million to have a chance next year.”

United have to find a way to resolve this transfer saga quickly before other clubs take advantage of the situation and snatch these players right from under their noses and left to hang dry with squad in disarray.

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