Manchester United’s #7 shirt is for someone special

Manchester United’s #7 shirt is a special one for the club, given how many brilliant players have worn it over the years. Cristiano Ronaldo was the last really special player to wear the shirt before Michael Owen took over the honour.

After Owen left the club in the summer most fans were supportive of the decision to give the shirt to Valencia, who had been voted our best player of the season by both the players and fans.

However, this season Valencia has struggled to find the form of seasons gone by. Still, Valencia recognises how important the shirt is believes that someone special deserves to wear the shirt.

“It means a lot,” said Valencia. “When I arrived at United I was already aware of exactly what the number 7 shirt stood for here, because we all know that many legendary players have passed through the club and worn that shirt, players who were almost larger than life. So I was pretty clued up about it and it’s a shirt that’s really made a huge impact at this club. You can almost say that it’s different to the other shirts worn by the other players. It’s a shirt that needs to be worn by a player who is maybe that little bit different, individuals if you like. That’s how I see it anyway. I’d say it has to be someone special who wears that shirt because it is a little different.”

Valencia was speaking at the launch of the no. 7-inspired Manchester United Collection which is available from

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