Mesut Ozil Speaks Up On Injury Situation

Arsenal’s playmaker Mesut Ozil has bared his mind for the first time since his latest injury setback, he expressed his gratitude to the Arsenal fans for the message of goodwill he has received since he suffered a knee ligament injury that will keep him out until the New Year. He took to his twitter page to pass these words across.

“Thank you all for your support and your get well soon messages.”

Arsene Wenger confirmed in his update with the official site on Thursday that he would follow the recommendation of the Arsenal medical staff in respect of how long he would be out, although, scans carried out by the German medical team reveals he would be out for three months. It is the second straight season as an Arsenal player that Mesut Ozil would be spending time on the sidelines. In his first season in North London, he suffered a hamstring injury that kept him out for up to six weeks, while his second season has not fared any better on the injury front.

Despite this latest injury, the German playmaker does not have a history of injuries from his previous clubs. There was no reported case that he spent anytime injured in his three years as a Real Madrid player. While his spell at Werden Bremen was further that line with a reported total of just 29 days spent on the injury list.

Little wonder that he expressed his frustrations last season at the time he was injured because according to him, it was something he is not used to.

Arsenal’s record signing has not exactly set the season alight, and his best form which has been few and far between came in the matches against Aston Villa and Galatasaray on 1 October. With his limited influence on the Arsenal side since the season started especially when the larger picture is considered that he has seldom played in the middle, it is not yet clear how Arsenal would fare in his absence between now and the beginning of next year when he is expected to return.

As the season has progressed, Arsenal’s injury issues have not eased, if anything it has gradually increased, and with the international break currently on, many Arsenal faithful would be keeping their fingers crossed that the players currently away would come back unscathed especially as the squad is reaching a breaking point of being stretched with the increasing spate of injuries.

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