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Mourinho Takes Yet Another Swipe At Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho looks to have re-opened his never ending feud with Arsene Wenger again. Mourinho who goes hand in hand in controversy, has gone on record that he doesn’t want Arsenal to progress from their Champions League group.

“They (Arsenal) are in a group where a kid friend of mine, Marco Silva, is the manager of Olympiakos. It would be fantastic for the kid’s career to go through, so I have to be honest and say that I would like the kid and Olympiakos to go on.”

Arsenal who are in the same group as Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb amongst other sides, has stated very passionately that he wants country man Marco Silva who manages Olympiakos, to knock out English side Arsenal. Whether that genuinely is being an ally to his country man or just plain old mind games from Wenger we will never know, but the constant war of words with Wenger is getting very tiresome.

Please Jose give it a rest, we are tired of it and bored of these silly games. I for one surely hope that Arsenal do qualify for the next stage, the need for English representatives in the Champions League is an important issue. In the Gunners, we have a team that has been very consistent (they have qualified for the knockout stages 12 years in a row). I for one would love such a proud record to continue.

Marco Silva has already achieved so much after his side beat Arsenal at home. I wish you all the best Marco, but as Englishman, I really hope that Arsenal qualifies. We shall wait and see, the finale of the Champions League game promises to be a cracker.

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