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New Chelsea boss Antonio Conte meets Chelsea players rather than attending a match-fixing trial

A few days after being appointed the new Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte (who is the current Italy boss) is set to officially take up his managerial duties at the Stamford Bridge at the conclusion of the Azzuris Euro 2016 campaign.

But it seems the 46-year-old is ready to start working for his new club, after reports emerged that he made a surprise visit to the club in his attempts to start interacting with the players and get to learn somethings about the current squad.

According to our sources, Conte visited the west London club’s Cobham training the day he was officially announced as the new boss who would become Jose Mourinho’s permanent successor and see interim boss Guus Hiddink leave the office this summer.

During his surprise visit, Conte had a short meeting with Chelsea’s key players. It is also reported that he had a short meeting with interim boss Guus Hiddink. Before settling for the short meetings, Conte watches the final few minutes of Chelsea’s Tuesday training session. Up until now, no player has been interviewed about Conte’s surprise meeting but it is believed every player is still focused and committed to their game.

Conte’s visit has not affected anyone because it was meant for him to just see the players and let them know the man who will be in charge of the club next season as they work to reclaim their glory and get their title winning spirit back.

Conte is not expected to hold individual meeting with players before he officially starts work in July. The 46-year-old decided not to attend a hearing into his alleged role in a match-fixing case but visited Blues’ Cobham HQ instead. Conte faces allegations of a match fixing scandal back in his home country, which has denied involvement in.

The allegations surface after Siena’s 1-0 win at Albinoleffe in May 2011 and the Italian courts want a six-month suspended sentence and a £6,409 fine after accusing him of sporting fraud. Following his absence during the recent hearing, Prosecutor Roberto Di Martino has demanded a fast-track hearing in Conte’s absence.

However, Conte’s lawyer, Leonardo Cammarata said: “He denies any wrongdoing and any knowledge of an attempt at match fixing.”

Chelsea have maintained that Conte is indeed innocent although the verdict is due on May 11. Conte has been Italy’s manager since 2014, and has already agreed a three year deal at Chelsea on Monday.

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