New Warrior boots

The good folk at Warrior sent us over a pair of their new range of football boots to review. Being a fan of a brightly coloured pair of boots, the ‘Superheat’ as the range is known can light up any game. Playing in a new pair of boots is always an exciting day, the first thing I done when putting on the boots was shout “Flame on”, while they may not turn you into the Human Torch, they will draw the envy of those around you.

The aesthetics are one of the many great draws whilst playing in the Superheats, yet as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I shall leave judgement to the individual. What is undeniable is the lightweight, and unique material construction that is used for the boots are the dreams of any (like me, aspiring) speed demon. Traditionally, the need for speed was a trait sought only in wingers but the modern game has evolved and being fleet of foot can make the difference anywhere on the pitch.

The Tri-fusion Superheat provides great control no matter what the state of the pitch may be in and thanks to the water resistant layers, you can take control of the game in your next Sunday league swamp match. The super thin organitouch outer layer makes controlling the ball a lot easier, it allows for the close control touch required when playing at a high speed. Perhaps one of the best design innovations are found underneath the boots, the additional blades/moulds increase the grip on the ground and enable quicker changes of direction.

Speed and control wouldn’t be effective if you didn’t feel comfortable in the boots themselves. Thankfully, the Superheat’s neoweb base moulds around the foot, providing a soft and almost weightless feeling for when playing. It’s a common trait for most boots nowadays to be light in weight but that can come at the price of protection, again the Superheat’s have an answer with their internal membrane heel shield that helps to minimise the dangers of the jealous opposition.

Having never played in a pair of Warrior boots before, I’m beginning to wonder why I didn’t start earlier? Whether you are a wizard on the wings or a swashbuckling centre back, the Superheat range from warrior are highly recommended.

Think quick, move fast, wear light – PLAY WITH FIRE… You can learn more about the Superheat boots here and they are available to buy here.

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