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Our Interview with Bettingrunner Blog

If you’re wondering how is By Far The Greatest Team working, what challenges are we facing and want to know who is really behind the blog, check out our interview with Bettingrunner.

All questions are answered by the owner of By Far The Greatest Team, Filip Edelman.

Hello Filip, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a young 25-year-old man pursuing my dreams. I’ve been working in the translation and football industry for more than 5 years. Last year, I came across an opportunity to buy a football blog covering Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool, and I took advantage of it.

How did By Far The Greatest Team start?
Our website is about 5-year old, however the team totally changed and this year the website has undergone many innovations – new look, new writers, new topics, new approach and new partnerships.

What’s your role there?
I’m the owner of the website and I handle everything that comes with it. Advertising enquiries, new opportunities to grow, communication with partners, establishing new partnerships, negotiating conditions with advertisers and most importantly, proofreading all content that is published on our website.

Who are the other main contributors?
Once I bought the website, I created a brand new writing team. This team currently consists of Vyom Chaudhary, die-hard Arsenal fan; Wycliffe Osano, reputable journalist and analyst; talented Huzefah Haroon and Festus. And of course me, as I write articles from time to time too.

How is By Far The Greatest Team different from other blogs?
I believe our blog is different because of the way we try to inform readers. We’re always trying to choose carefully the most interesting topics, truthfully describe them and connect them with social media. We’re listening to our community, to the voice of the people on the social media and implementing it all to our style.

By Far The Greatest Team is really a one-stop place for all Premier League fans interested in the action on and off the pitch with engaging video content, interesting infographics and useful statistics.

What are some challenges you face?
There are always challenges – on and off the website. From the many challenges we’re facing, I will mention that I have to make sure everybody delivers content on time; the website is fully functional on every platform; recency of our articles is in order… but the positives always outweigh the negatives.

Let’s talk about football. Who is the greatest player of all times?
I really believe we’re currently watching the two best players ever in Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I have to say I’m sticking with Ronaldo but they both have many active years ahead so who knows how far they will get.

What team do you support?
I’m a supporter of Manchester United since my childhood.

Who do you think will win English Premier League this season?
Leicester City! But really no, I still believe Arsenal or Manchester City will win the title this year. I would love to see Gunners taking the trophy after all these years without one.

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