Paul Pogba – The Perfect Replacement For Yaya Toure

Paul Pogba is another player who has been touted by the media as Toure’s replacement at Man City. Being a world class player, his replacement must therefore be of world class standard and if possible an upgrade on Toure and who could possibly be an improvement on Toure? This is the Toure who on a good day at the office annihilates teams at will, who scored 20 goals from midfield. Who dominates play in matches like a god! Is Pogba therefore a suitable replacement and an upgrade on Toure?

The French midfielder, who plays for Juventus in the Serie, left Man Utd two years ago, on a Bosman, after refusing to sign a new contract with Utd. There were claims and counter claims from both player and Ferguson, with the player citing not being given enough playing time, while Ferguson accused him of being disrespectful. Since joining Juventus, he has been phenomenal, helping the club to two league titles and the Supercoppa Italiana. Also, he is already an integral part of the France setup and won the “FAFA World Cup Best Young Player” for the just concluded football mundial at Brazil.

Pogba is a midfielder described as “powerful, skilful and creative, has an eye for goal and a penchant for the spectacular”, drawing comparison with Patrick Vieira. His young age and the time he spent in Manchester before his move to Italy stands him in good stead to replace Toure at Man City. Should City sign him, it could cause quite an uproar in the city of Manchester, this is because Man City FC will get another one over their neighbors. The rivalry between both teams is so fierce that when Tevez moved from Man Utd to Man City, there was quite a frenzy. And not only will City be making the statement that Manchester belongs to them, they will be sending out a strong message to other teams in the league. His addition to the team will certainly add more strength to a team that has depth in quality.

However, there are factors that might see him not signing for Man City. First, it is a well hidden secret that Pogba prefers Chelsea, and wants to play under Mourinho, of course he could be persuaded that his future lay in the blue half of Manchester, but will Juventus be willing to allow one of their star players leave? And if they were to allow him, how much would they slap on him? Surely, they could place a hefty price on his head to deter clubs, and City will be handicapped if he were to be priced above €49 million. If however, City successfully sign Pogba, the club hierarchy will be rest assured that they have secured the next generation midfielder who will effectively replace Toure and bring further glory to the club. Who knows, he just might be the one missing piece of jigsaw puzzle that City needs to win continental glory and establish themselves as one of Europe’s top teams.

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