Paul Pogba To Replace Yaya Toure At Manchester City?

Since the news broke that Paul Pogba can be available for €25 million, Man City has been linked with the Juve playmaker. The transfer would certainly make sense as there is a need to strengthen the midfield. This might seem a surprise given the vast amount of talent abound in the City squad, but stats available show that the team is ageing. Yes, with age comes experience, however, a blend of experience and a young enigmatic midfield will certainly be one to beat.  Teeing Fernandinho, Fernando and Pogba will be a joy to behold. You might notice the obvious absence of midfield generalissimo Yaya Toure. This is because of late, Toure hasn’t seemed his normal self.

Yaya Toure for the past four years has been a regular in City’s lineup and last Season he powered the team to win the league title. The 31 year old midfield scored 20 goals from midfield, becoming the second midfielder to accomplish such a feat after Frank Lampard. Over the off season, however there was a rumpus over Toure’s birthday and the death of his brother, as Toure and his agent accused the club hierarchy of being insensitive and uncaring.

This seems to have affected Toure’s form, as since the start of the season, his performance on pitch has brought criticism from pundits and fans alike. Against the big teams like Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern, and even smaller teams like Hull City, Stoke, Toure has failed to hit the heights he reached last season. He failed to assert his authority and invariably cost his team points.

His loss of form is believed to be from exhaustion in some quarters, while in others think it’s probably a loss of interest and desire to ply his trade elsewhere or a desire to receive a bumper package. Whatever is the cause, one thing is clear at the moment, Toure is experiencing a decline on pitch and it is affecting the team.  Also, Toure is getting old, though just 31 years, and he still has a bit of years left in him, but attaining the heights of last season will be difficult, as his body certainly won’t allow him. The likes of Giggs, Lampard and Totti seem to have defied age to stay long playing but, their performances are not as consistent as that of a younger player, their magical moments are far between.

Thus, the Club should start searching for a long time replacement and what better choice than Pogba.  Since his (Pogba) move to Juventus on a free transfer two years ago, he has set the Serie A ablaze with his performances. Surely, a return to Manchester won’t be too big a deal considering his earlier sojourn with Man Utd. And he will fit into the team seamlessly as well, essentially calming the minds of fans, who might not want to see Toure leave or being dropped. A certainty is that Pogba will light up the Premier league upon his return, however, City have to beat Chelsea in the race for his signature, as it is believed that he prefers Chelsea, but should City eventually sign him, then they have a jewel in their hands who should lead them to continental glory.

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