Pedro May Be The Joker For Chelsea This Season

Pedro Rodriguez has signed for Chelsea and has started proving his mettle already as he scored on his debut match against West Bromwich Albion in Chelsea’s 3-2 victory over West Brom.

Pedro who opened the scoring in the match also had a hand in the second goal for Chelsea. The Blues were leading the match 3-1 when Captain John Terry fouled Salomon Randon and was sent off to reduce the squad to 10 men against 11 men of West Brom.

It was easy to see that if not for the goals that Chelsea already had, West Bromwich Alboion could have easily defeated them.

Pedro also contributed to three misses that could have easily resulted in goals but was fumbled by WIllian, Costa and Falcao and it was easy to see that Pedro will be a player of impact for Chelsea and in Chelsea.

I’m sure that by now, Manchester United must be wondering how they let a player like this slip through their fingers, especially with the fact that the Red Devils do not presently have enough fire power in front of goal. They do not even have enough wingers in the United squad and to worsen it, they only have Rooney and maybe Jamie Wilson as the only forward players for them at the moment, with Wilson sorely lacking in experience for the big games and Rooney susceptible to injury or lack of fitness.

United have once again allowed a player that they sorely need to slip through their fingers at the last minute to Chelsea and the fans must now be remembering the Obi Mikel saga all over again.

It is hoped that this coy play by United will not mar their chances this season and make Chelsea’s chances. The end of the season will tell.

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