Pedro Rodríguez Hints At Manchester United Transfer

Spain and Barcelona outcast, Pedro has recently proved to Barcelona what a bundle of talent they would lose- if he eventually joins Manchester United as expected.

All of Barcelona’s forwards, particularly Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar boast exceptional football skills on the field of play, which Pedro, though impressive and with a skills bag of his own, may not fully match. However, with regards to social skills and performances off the field of play, no other Barcelona player matches
his quality.

Asides taking on defenders and making crosses and scoring goals, Pedro also has the ability to solicit genuine tears from the eyes of fans; and he did so recently. An unnnamed female Barcelona fan recently took it upon herself to confirm directly from the player if his purported move to Manchester United would eventually materialize; and, in a whimsical moment of the skillful display of Pedro-istic magic, his response simply left her in such awe that the tears found free expression from her eyes in no time- a reaction not even the most eye-catching skill displays can produce.

What was his response? His simple reply, when asked by the concerned supporter was, “I don’t know.”

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