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Pele vs Ronaldo: Choose Your Winner In The Lap of Luxury

Consider your all time footballing greats; the likes of Diego Maradona, Eusebio, Lionel Messi. Now, we all know how very difficult it is to pick that one special player to rise above the rest, but had you considered that the players themselves are just waiting for your adulation, and can even become embroiled in a ‘war’ of sorts, even in the most luxurious, unconventional of battlefields?

It is exactly what airlines Emirates have gone for this spring, pairing the irrepressible Pelé with Real Madrid demi-god Ronaldo – two All Time Greats – aboard one of their flagship A380 aircraft, with their celebrity status put to the test at 30,000 feet.

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Portugal captain Ronaldo has joined up with Emirates to become their latest global ambassador, of which Pelé has been since January 2014.

With the airline’s Official Partnership with the FIFA World Cup beginning back in 2006, Emirates thought it fun to celebrate their third tournament with this lively sketch, with the fans in the swish on-board lounge aboard the plane given a straight choice between the pair.

Who are you more in awe of?

While there’s no doubting that the pair are firmly part of footballing royalty, it is difficult to say definitively which great should come out on top.

Pelé is an absolute legend of the game, with his stunning career for Santos and Brazil fondly remembered the world over. His 1281 goals from 1363 career games is a Guinness World Record, and he will take some ousting at the top of the charts, so to speak.

But the challenger to the throne, Ronaldo, is arguably the perfect modern footballer. At the very peak of physical condition, able to perform at the highest conceivable standard, and on a ludicrously consistent basis.

With 246 goals in 240 games so far for Real Madrid, he is just a force of nature, and if Ronaldo has a blinding World Cup this summer, it could be the springboard that sees him join Pelé at the top of the world!

What do you think? Can Ronaldo hope to surpass Pelé? Who is your greatest ever player? Watch the Emirates video, join in the twitter debate using #AllTimeGreats and let me know in the comments below… 

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