Peter Cech is Confident: “We Can Still Win the Title”

After the Tuesday’s barren draw against Southampton at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal slipped to fourth in the leagues as their London rivals Tottenham moved to third after a 3-0 win over Norwich.

This results have raised concerns about the Arsenal’s title hopes after their recent squad has proven to be goal-shy since the Christmas period. The Gunners are five points behind Leicester City who are the current league leader.

Peter Cech has encouraged his teammates to remain positive and believes that Arsenal must reach 87 point f they are to win the title.

Speaking via Arsenal’s website, the 33-year-old shot-stopper said: “You need to look at the end and you need 86/87 points to be sure and it does not matter which way you go to get those points.”

“It does not matter if you have to catch up at the end of the season, which is what we have to do. Every time you lose points you need to keep believing.

“The boring part is if you play for 0-0 you have no chance. When you create chance after chance on another day you might score six goals and it might be different.
“We need to get ready for Sunday and get those points back.”

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