Photo: Man Utd top target Neymar spotted in England

Manchester United dream-target, Neymar, has been spotted out and about in London with none other than One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan. It is thought that the pair might have been attending the PFA Awards after-party which is a star-studded event held in order to celebrate the best players of the season.

Riyad Mahrez won the best player of the year award and Dele Alli won the young player of the year. The award ceremony was held in the very luxurious Grosvenor House, and an after-party was expected to have occurred at an undisclosed location. Many were expected to head to the Libertine nightclub in London for the continued partying.

Barcelona superstar and Manchester United target, Neymar, was spotted in this location which got a lot of people talking about his intentions. Neymar left the club just a short while after Niall Horan which certainly got people talking about the odd-matchup. They have hung out before, with Neymar believed to be a Directioner.

Neymar leaving the PFA Awards

Neymar had played for his current side at the weekend, beating lowly Sporting Gijon 6-0 to send his team to the top of the league. He might have been playing mid-week were it not for Atletico knocking them out of the Champions League.

Horan attended a gig in Brixton before moving to the after-party to hang out with Neymar and other footballing pals. Neymar had been spotted eating dinner with friends before making his way to the party. United fans will be hoping he enjoyed his time in the UK and wishing that he would play here for them. Would Neymar be a star at Manchester United?

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