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Player Power Could Help Manchester United Sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Events are begining to unfold in Bernabeu that their star idol is seemingly getting fed up with the club and would love a reunion with his former club, Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United for a whooping £80 million some five season ago. Within this time, the present world footballer of the year has managed to compete actively with Messi in the same league. These two players have a balanced number of loyalists. While some would maintain that Messi is better, some others would argue that Ronaldo is a much more complete footballer. Not forgeting events that led to Ronaldo leaving Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson was adamant on not selling his prized asset to Real Madrid at the summer of 2007 for a record fee of £70 million. A year later, the same prized asset was sold to the same party with an additional £10 million on top of the initial offer. One begins to wonder if it was the price that led to sale or what. IT IS NOT THE PRICE. It is what’s called player power.

The football world have seen situations where transfers deals between rival clubs materialise all in the name of the player involved hell bent on moving elsewhere to offer his professional services. The legendary Luis Figo was sold from Barcelona to Real Madrid then, a transfer that would have seemed impossible. But in football, nothing is really impossible. Robin Van Persie moved from Arsenal to Manchester United in the summer of 2012. Arsene Wenger tried all he could to convince the Flying Dutchman that a move to their title rivals doesn’t just seem right. He at one time even offered to sell the player to Manchester United’s bitter rivals, Manchester City. But alas, the small boy in Robin was yearning Old Trafford. Van Persie had already set his sights on joining the Red Devils at any cost whatsoever. At the end of the day, the Frenchman, having assessed all possible routes finally felt helpless and the rest was history. Robin moved to Manchester United, wining the premier league the first season as well as being the highest goal scorer for the season.

Ronaldo, on his own path has been left frustrated with the recent happenings around Bernabeu. He does not understand the rationale of the transfer policy recently being undertaken by the Madrid outfit. First was the last summer sale of Mesut Ozil to Arsenal. This was followed with this season’s departure of his team mate and friend, Angel Di Maria to Manchester United. With the arrival of Gareth Bale last season, Ronaldo has seemed threatened of his status as the cream of the crop in Real Madrid. and this might be the ultimate springboard to send the mercurial goalpoacher back to Manchester United, provided the price is right. Real Madrid too, known with the policy of not wanting to keep declining stars ( even though their view of what a declining player is can be questioned – Mesut Ozil and Di Maria transfer comes to mind here ) would consider selling in as much as a significant amount of his cost can be gotten back from any interested party. The only interested for now seems to be Manchester United. And Yes, they have the money to do just that.

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