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The Provider City Of Istanbul’s Manpower And Its Team: Sivasspor

A city… In the middle of steppe… In the Anatolian territory. I am speaking of Sivas the provider city of Istanbul’s manpower. When you read this piece, you will understand what I mean.

Last week, I mentioned Sivasspor’s new transfer world-famous Robinho. If truth be told, I criticised old players’ transfer to Turkey. Seems like he heard me. This is because he scored 2 goals and assisted a goal. Simply, he answered, “I am not an old player, but experienced one.”

Sivasspor celebrated the winning of Osmanlispor. The home team Sivasspor saw Osmanlispor off with the 3-2 victory. They dominated possession, and they were good at finishing because Osmanlispor shot at goal more. Before I started my main subject, I should say Aminu Umar was really good. He has 7 dribbles. As I said above, Robinho showed off. After the game, I consider Sivas from a different angle. They have a huge potential!

Where are you from originally?

There is a typical question in Turkey. “Where is your hometown?” For example, you introduce your girl/boyfriend to your mother/father. Their first question would be “Where is her/ his hometown?”. You were walking in the park and met a new person. Definitely, he asks “Where is your hometown?” If you answer “I am from Istanbul”, he’d ask again “Where is your hometown originally?”. This is because people never accept that a person is from Istanbul.

As it is understood, “hometown” is really significant for people in Turkey. Let’s go back to Sivas. Being from Sivas has been the subject of jokes. Sivas emigrates to Istanbul a lot. In Istanbul, every place is alive with people who are originally from Sivas. Even people from Sivas don’t stay in Sivas!

Turkey should turn “hometown culture” into an advantage. People from Sivas (originally) should support the club. Sivasspor should become integrated with the people. Thus, the club can be promoted more. Not only Sivasspor but also other local teams should be supported by the team more. Unfortunately, there is a common idea in Turkey. Every person supports one of the big teams which are Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas, and Trabzonspor.


Turkey has various beauties. I always try to awaken people with my pieces. Turkey is a football country. However, it is like raw material. It is necessary to be processed with our cultural structure, science, genetic science, technology and universal values. Power is within ourselves.

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