Radamel Falcao revealed that he wanted to leave Chelsea in January

Top drawer South American goalscorer Radamel Falcao has revealed that he was looking for a move away from Chelsea and out of the Premier League altogether back in the most recent January transfer window.

The gifted Colombian is living a strange kind of existence at the moment. Having shifted from Manchester United to Chelsea after a single season on loan with the North West club, he now inhabits the edges of the Chelsea first team, earning an astonishing £145’000 a week for being a professional footballer who doesn’t play football.

His two years in England haven’t been kind to him, as he’s struggled to find form, consistency or even a run of games through which to demonstrate his formidable abilities, and he has suffered from injuries.

Falcao, 30, is still officially an AS Monaco player, his past two seasons up to now having been spent in England as a loan player, and there are still two years years left to run on his contract in France.

While there would surely be a multitude of clubs around Europe open to recruiting a player of such undeniable talent, there are understandably few that would be willing to take on his wage demands too.

While his interest in January was in joining Argentinian side River Plate, he explained that they didn’t have slots available for foreign players at the time.
Said Falcao of his future prospects, “I want to play every week because I’m fine. I have to go to a place where we can do it. I’m not rejecting anything, I’m listening to and analysing everything. I’m open to everything, but my idea is to stay in Europe.”

So, game time, or 145 grand a week? What a quandary for the lad.

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