Real Madrid President HATES Black Players Says Casillas’ Agent

Iker Casillas’s agent Santos Marquez has spoken out against Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, publicly accusing him of being racist and disliking black players and that he lied about Casillas.

Iker Casillas who has been at Real Madrid since he was nine years old and gave 25 years of his career for the Spanish club was dismissed from the club in a terrible way which left a bad taste in the mouth for the fans and the players alike this summer.

After signing for Porto, Casillas called a press conference to announce his departure from Real Madrid but wasn’t joined by any of Madrid officials for this press conference and the fans were obviously irked but this obvious and wanton show of disrespect for Iker Casillas who is seen as a legend at the Bernabeu. 24 hours later, club president Florentino Perez tried to cover up for this idiocy when he accompanied Casillas in another press conference but was booed and embarrassed by the fans who protested against the club president openly.

Casillas’ agent Santos Marquez was then contacted to talk about the truth concerning Casillas’s transfer away from Madrid and he publicly denied the claims by the club president and that none of the things that were said concerning Casillas were true. He especially denied that Casillas ever wanted to leave Madrid but the president said this to save face.

He has never wanted to leave. He said that he never wanted to leave and that he could never ask to be Madrid’s first choice goalkeeper, that he had two years left on his contract and that he would have liked to end his playing career at Madrid. He was happy and Madrid is his home but they didn’t want him… Three weeks ago Benítez came along and the club started going crazy about signing De Gea and said what a great goalkeeper Keylor is. That was a lack of respect towards Iker. He couldn’t ignore it. There is a before and an after to all of this. Benítez’s not to blame, it was all orchestrated.

Marquez went on to clearly say that the club president has always hated black players and never wanted them to stay long at the club regardless of how good they are and he supported this claim with the case of players like Claude Makelele and Samuel Eto’o who were sold because they black but however did not go on to specifically call the president racist. He said, “For Makelele, for a lack of respect. Florentino doesn’t like black players; he’s not a racist but he doesn’t like them. I also fought with him over Eto’o. Samuel was just as much a galáctico as Figo. He left for the colour of his skin.

If these claims by Marquez are true and hold water, then Madrid president Perez should be investigated by UEFA and FIFA as he might stain the football world with these believes of his and is no different from a racist.

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