The record round in Brazilian Championship!

This week we had the 13th round of Brazilian Championship, with a new record! This was the round where more always teams won in history! Of the 10 matches, away teams won 8, we had 1 draw and only Sport won at home! Maybe because of this we hit only 3 of the predictions, worst since I’m betting here…

Atletico MG 0 x 1 Santos – wrong prediction L
Ponte Preta 0 x 3 Bahia – wrong prediction L
Fluminense 0 x 1 Botafogo – wrong prediction L
Palmeiras 0 x 2 Corinthians – wrong prediction L
Atletico PR x Cruzeiro – correct prediction J
Vitoria 1 x 4 Vasco – wrong prediction L
Flamengo 0 x 1 Grêmio – correct prediction J
Sao Paulo 2 x 2 Atletico GO – wrong prediction L
Sport 3 x 0 Chapecoense – correct prediction L
Avaí 1 x 4 Coritiba – wrong prediction L

Another record that we have is about Corinthians. The team is unstoppable! Corinthians had incredible 90% of victory! Comparing to the 16-17 main leagues of the world, it is the best campaign. This mid-week they play against their main rivalry, Palmeiras, with another tactic show! Corinthians’ defence is compact, with two lines of 4 players (only 5 goals again) and with a counter attack very effective (second best attack behind Gremio). These numbers explain why Corinthians is the leader of the championship 10 points far from Gremio.

Gremio recovered the 2nd position of the championship. In a match against the former 2nd place, Flamengo, Gremio changed their strategy, because Flamengo controls the match, and Grêmio had the counter attack to win! Gremio’s goal was scored by young Luan, the best player in Brazil nowadays. This year  Luan has 32 matches, with 14 goals and 11 assists! Tite, the Brazilian coach, said this week that he was observing a lot of Luan and maybe he will play in the next World Cup qualifying round of South America. Grêmio received a poor offer from Sampdoria, of 12 million euros, but Grêmio will only sell for 25!

A player that confirmed that is leaving to Manchester City is the midfielder Douglas from Vasco. He is an interesting player that plays more as the defensive midfielder but also can play as an offensive midfielder. The speculation is that City is borrowing Douglas for 1 year to Girona, of the Spanish league.

This transfer window can change the Brazilian Championship. Every post I will actualise you about that.

This weekend we will have 14th round of the Brazilian Championship and here are the games to keep an eye on: Santos x Vasco, Cruzeiro x Flamengo, Botafogo x Sport, where all teams are playing to the top of the table!

See below my predictions of all matches!

Corinthians x Atletico PR (Corinthians wins)
Palmeiras x Vitoria (Palmeiras wins)
Vasco x Santos (draw)
Cruzeiro x Flamengo (Cruzeiro wins)
Grêmio x Ponte Preta (Grêmio wins)
Fluminense x Flamengo (draw)
Atletico MG x Atletico GO (Atletico MG wins)
Chapecoense x São Paulo (draw)
Coritiba x Fluminense (Coritiba wins)
Bahia x Avai (draw)
Botafogo x Sport (draw)

Next Tuesday we will talk again about Brazilian football week and our predictions for the Brazilian Championship weekend round! Liked? Then follow me on Twitter @mwgremio

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