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Reveal – Ed Woodward Negotiating Transfer Of £200,000-A-Week Star

If you believe reports in the English media ever since the end of the season, Manchester United will be one of the most active clubs in the transfer window this summer. Speculations of deals and bids for some of the world’s biggest football stars are in the media reports today. From Tottenham’s Harry Kane to Juventus’ midfielder Arturo Vidal, as well as a host of others, Manchester United have shown their prowess in negotiating big-name transfers from all parts of Europe: and one man who seems to be the architect of all this, is Edward Woodward.

Rightly dubbed the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo of Football Finance’, as well as the ‘Magician of Negotiations’, Woodward has been at the centre of every successful financial venture United have undertaken in recent times. From commercial deals with AON, Adidas and now Chevrolet, to the big-money transfer of Argentine winger Angel Di Maria last term, Woodward has smartly played his cards; and has given United value for every dime of the £2.5 million he’s being paid.

He is also reportedly at the centre of negotiations involving the proposed move of goalkeeper David de Gea to Real Madrid, and Spanish media firms have tagged him as an inhibitor to the transfer: as reports state that he appears unwilling to settle for anything below a big-money transfer for the star player, and is even ready to lose him to a free transfer, so as to preserve the prestige of the Manchester club.

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