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Revealed – Luke Shaw’s Injury Could Have Been Worst

Following their slip-up from the Premier League top four last season, Manchester United looked to have been revived following the arrival of former Netherlands coach, Louis Van Gaal and the addition of Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria to the team, the return was set and inevitable.

Initially, it was not only a dream to return to their rightful place, but also to claim the Barclay Premier League trophy from the clutches of Manchester City and Chelsea.

However, the Devils have got a lot to worry about as injury seems to blight their optimistic return to the top. With eight players already injured, excluding Luke Shaw, Manchester United may as well forget their majestic return to contending for a spot among the big names in the Premiership, except they get more players to fill in for those presently out of action.

United sits at fourth position, conceding ten goals in just seven games, one can only imagine that the team could forget about contending for the big four should this go on. However, further injuries could make Van Gaal’s trust vanish into thin air. As the squad’s strength grow thinner, a better suited approach to curtailing further woes must be put in place if the top four dream is still nurtured.

At this point, Manchester United need all the players they can ever get to help reclaim their lost position. As the strength of clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Everton grow by the day, it is expected that the position for the top four becomes stiffer, daring and more tasking, particularly with the presence of Southampton sitting at third position, just a point adrift Manchester City.

While Van Gaal has tried to play down the further injury woes by claiming Shaw is ‘slightly’ injured and ‘nothing serious’, the Devils must do everything possible to see to the return of their injured stars while managing others who are toiling hard to see the club regain its lost position.

Conceding ten goals is an indication that United’s defence has got its hands full and might let their glorious return stay as nothing but a dream.

Shaw who had just returned from injury layoff was forced to leave the pitch in the 71st minute of the 2-1 win against Everton, being replaced by Tyler Blackett.

“He has a dead knee, he could have made it worse, that was why he stepped out” was Van Gaal’s response to Shaw’s injury crisis at the post match conference. Van Gaal may have succeeded in putting United’s fan to rest but the stark truth is there for all to see.

With new signing, Ander Herrera (fractured rib), and Smalling (Hip/thigh injury), Johnny Evans (Ankle/foot injury), Ashley Young (groin/pelvis injury), Phil Jones (hamstring), Fellaini (ankle/foot injury), Lingard (knee injury), and Michael Carrick (ankle/foot injury) all out, it is worthy of note that further addition to the list of these injured players might grind Man United’s glorious return to a halt, if they indeed wish to return to the top  flight of English football. Van Gaal is no magician, he can only motivate his players to go all out and secure three points for the team but he does not have the power to stop his players from backing out to injury. With just seven games into the season, United may find themselves in deeper trouble than where they found themselves last season if more additions fail to commit pen to paper in January. More players need to be signed, particularly defenders, if they want the top four dream to be kept alive in a way.

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