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Revealed: What Renato Sanches’ transfer means for Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal

Renato Sanches, the top notch young player from Benfica whom as rumored and reported, European clubs have been scouting for a while now. As per as several reports, Manchester United was the most likely club to get their hands on the new sensation of box to box mid-fielding.

But with a twist of fate, Renato is off to Allianz Arena and this leaves a very interesting trail to the Van Gaal and Mourinho situation at Old Trafford. As it stands, Mourinho and Renato have the same super agent Jorge Mendes and with one of them not heading to Old Trafford puts the other plausible options in dark shades of doubt.

What would be interesting to see is if all of the transfer mishaps actually end up with Van Gaal staying back for one more season and if he does, where does the United fans across the globe stand on this?

The real question is with the flow of time shall the Special On finally make Old Trafford special again? Or, Van Gaal, who is slowly losing the faith of the fans as days go by, shall stay back until the end of the contract?
It is of course too soon to speculate but of course you can feel the heat of the season already.

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