Robben: Players dream of Manchester United’s amazing atmosphere

Ahead of the Champions League quarter-final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich, Arjen Robben has talked up the atmosphere at Old Trafford.

“Playing in England is always fantastic, and Old Trafford is very special with an amazing atmosphere,” Robben said. “A Champions League quarter-final in these surroundings – it’s the kind of thing you dream of as a player.“

Robben last played at Old Trafford in 2010 and scored a fantastic goal to knock United out of the competition, but the Dutchman insists he is more focussed on the upcoming game than any memories of that goal.

“I basically don’t think about it at all,” he continued. “I treat these things very factually. Football moves on so quickly. I scored that goal nearly four years ago and in the meantime we’ve experienced plenty of new things and been very successful. I always keep my eyes on the future. The time to reminisce is when you’ve stopped playing.“

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