Roman Abramovich Plans To Replace Mourinho With Diego Simeone

Speculations keep mounting as to Diego Simeone replacing Mourinho at Stamford Bridge and it is quite obvious that Diego Simeone is a natural successor to Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea boss role if and when the Russian owner Roman Abramovic decides to throw out the current Chelsea manager.

Diego Simeone is quite used to Mourinho and has been a thorn in the Portuguese manager’s flesh for a long time as he was the one that robbed ‘the Special One’ of the Copa Del Rey Trophy in Mourinho’s last game as Real Madrid manager at the Bernabeu.

Mourinho described that final year in Spain as “a failure … the worst of my career.”

It was added insult for Mourinho when Diego Simeone who is popularly called ‘El Cholo’ came to England to thrash Mourinho’s side 3-1 at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League semi-final.

Mourinho must therefore be worried that Simeone is moving too close for comfort. To worsen it all for Mourinho, his present squad comprises of three players who were formerly with the Atletico Madrid squad and who could add to the temptation of Diego Simeone moving to Stamford Bridge.

While Mourinho was suffering defeat from the hands of Simeone’s boys in the Champions League, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic must have seen it as an interview for Atletico Madrid manager and Simeone himself said after the match that, “The semi-final matches against Chelsea made me extremely happy. To be able to transmit a tactical idea to your players and then see it deployed perfectly on the pitch is a fantastic feeling.”

“The first leg had been a chess match and our revenge in London was one of the games which was perfection in that great season.”

“As a leader of players, one of the most complicated things is to get your footballers to live, feel and drive the game exactly the same as you have in the tactical preparation.”

“Once you’re a coach, you can’t be one of the lads, pretend that you’re going to be out there on the pitch. You do your work and then hand over to them.”

“A moment where you feel “Bam!” — that was the perfect performance from each and every one of us!”

These statements make it easy for anyone to see that Mourinho’s coaching style and Simeone’s are not so different but maybe Jose has run out of ideas at the moment, so it will only make sense to employ someone who can continue in that idea but who is still fresh.

It remains to be seen what will happen in. Chelsea at the end of this season and if the club will be willing to retain the services of their manager or be ready to let him leave for the arrival of Simeone.


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