Roman Abramovich Sanctions SHOCKING Chelsea Business

Every transfer season in the history of professional football has been characterised by big-money and small-money club arrivals and departures of both Super-star footballers and a host of other Starlets in the world of football.

However, the 2015/2016 summer transfer window for the football world has brought with itself, a different dimension to the regular features; with rumours of a transfer of even club ownership making the rounds.

Of all the Clubs likely to be implicated in such a development, Chelsea of England, seem to be caught up. Exclusive reports state that Chelsea’s Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, is currently considering selling the club he has controlled for the past 12 years.

In the year 2003, he purchased the majority of the club’s shares for around €35 million, which granted him sole rights to the club’s ownership. The motive was, to transform Chelsea from a mediocre team to a world-class emblem which could potentially compete alongside the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester United, both in Sports and Business.

Massive injection of funds by the billionaire ensued, and today, Chelsea are among the top clubs in the world. Having won the UEFA Champions’ League, the English Premier League, as well as almost every other possible trophy, Roman certainly feels fulfilled and has set his sights on a new project- which would involve the sale of Chelsea.

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