Shameful Mourinho is ‘Getting sacked In The Morning’

Certainly, the self-acclaimed Special One Jose Mourinho must be brewing with sheer exasperation and disappointment amid series of shambolic performances that has seen his enviable coaching career capitulating into shame and disgrace.

Just yesterday, the Blues were thumped again in League by West Ham. During the match, Nemanja Matic was red carded and as a norm for Mourinho, he had an altercation with the referee during the break and was sent to the stance with his assistant.

A lot of questions are begging for answers in Chelsea at the moment with the biggest being the future of Mourinho at Chelsea and we are not alone in the thought. To further compound his woes, the supporters of West Ham mocked him a song. Thus,

“You’re getting sacked in the morning,”

Meanwhile, it was further reported that Mourinho eloped the press after the match. He has been involved in a lot of frenzy with the media lately and their relationship is far from been cordial.

Several pundits and football enthusiast have condemned the demeanor of the Portuguese. Matthew Syed wrote in the Times:

“His motivational technique is based upon something very different: me, me, me. It is about the cult of the individual — Mourinho himself. This is predicated, in turn, upon creating a sense of permanent crisis. He sees conspiracies everywhere. The referees, the Premier League, Uefa, the ballboys, the team doctor, Uncle Tom Cobley: whatever it takes to get his players to feel like they are enduring a siege.”

Even though Abramovich has publicly backed Mourinho, another defeat would definitely see him kicked out of Stamford Bridge.

It is high time he made peace with the press and concentrate more on his game than attributed his failing to the referees or Media.

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