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Shock for Arsenal fans: Top summer target set to sign for Chelsea

Arsenal need to shake things up. Chelsea really need to shake things up. Arsenal are feeling very shaken up now they’ve been shaken down by Chelsea.

Or to put it another way, one of Arsenal’s prime summer transfer targets, Alvaro Morata, looks set to be heading to Stamford Bridge rather than the Emirates, as Chelsea brazenly thwack down an intimidating stack of pilfered Russian cash while Wenger shuffles piously around in the corner trying to get tackling outlawed.

Morata signed for Juventus in 2014, but confusingly, it’s his former club, Real Madrid, who could be selling the 23-year-old Spanish striker to one of the London teams.

This is because of a clause in Morata’s terms giving Madrid the option of buying him back at the end of the contract. The plan then, is to pay the reported £24 million cost of reacquiring him, in order to sell him on immediately at a profit.

Juventus, for what it’s worth, want to keep him, and claim that he wants to stay. Said Juventus executive Beppe Moratta, “We want to keep the lad and have to discuss it with Real Madrid. His destiny also depends on Real Madrid’s, as they are currently active in La Liga and the Champions League. The player improved and grew a great deal with us, while he feels bonded to our club colours. He wants to stay with Juventus, but obviously Real Madrid have everything needed to change his mind.”
It appears though, that a Castilian stopover may take him ultimately to incoming Chelsea coach Antonio Conte’s much-needed rebuilding program.

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