Shock – Mertesacker reveals the secret to Arsenal’s success

Arsenal are having an amazing Premier League season, with improvements witnessed overall in the camp. The team appears more mature, coordinated and are well in-tune with each other. The players have unity and strong communication which translates in their fluid passing and defence discipline. The harmony amongst players is not limited to the pitch but the dressing itself carries a vibrant and positive aura. It is this, Per Mertesacker believes, the reason that has made them more focused towards winning trophies.

Speaking in an interview to Arsenal Magazine, the German defender said, “It’s not about me or anyone else, it’s about the club. We want to dedicate our lives to that club, and that means more to me than just performing well individually. I think there are characters in the squad that just take care of their game and try not to lose energy, which is what you need.”
“You always have different types of characters but my personal approach was always that I would feel good if things were put in place, were planned and were organised. I try to communicate well on and off the pitch so the lads know that when I say something it’s honest and it’s the truth.”

“Everyone has their own personality and brings something to the team. Our dressing room is really lively. We have different characters and the young, talented players sometimes look up to the more experienced guys. In that case, I have a role to play. I do it in an honest way. Things that I learnt and grabbed during my career that I think are important would include being genuine to all the lads and treating everyone equally and differently.”

“That’s something I try to do in the dressing room. There’s no hidden secret – I just try to contribute.” Mertesacker has grown into an important player in Arsenal’s defence. His partnership with Koscielny is the reason Arsenal has improved immensely in defence.


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