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Shocking rumour: Eden Hazard sold to Real Madrid for £32m, Zinedine Zidane won

Amid low level mumbling of poor performance and an altogether lackluster season from die-hard Chelsea supporters, midfielder Eden Hazard is rumoured to be signed off to Real Madrid for a figure of £32m.

At 25 years of age, it is unlikely that last year’s PFA Player of the Year is going to leave the beautiful game any time soon, but he currently appears a shadow of his former self, failing to score since April 2015 in any Premier League game and has been speculated as a transfer since his club’s looming reality of not playing Champions League football in the coming season.

Recent reports were speculating that Chelsea would release Hazard for around £50m but sources suggest the figure of £32m is now a done deal, with Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane apparently having always admired Hazard’s play and now thoroughly gratified to have brought him on board.

No additional contractual clauses are reported, but there is speculation that there would have to be peripheral ‘sweeteners’ to the deal as Eden Hazard is still considered to be a highly skilled and valuable player across the broad European football fraternity and the sum seems a little below par for such a potential heavyweight..

Belgian Hazard has also reportedly already discussed his own prerequisites prior to a looming summer transfer to Real. Paris Saint-Germain was fishing for the feel of the Hazard potential but have by all accounts been beaten to the post by Zidane.

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