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Shots Fired: Arsenal Chief Tells Media “Referee Should Have Sent Off Diego Costa, He’s Extremely Annoying Player”

As ever, there is over-reaction coursing through the Gunners fans after the Sunday’s defeat at the Emirates. Arsenal were reduced to 10 men when Per Mertasacker brought Diego Costa down when he was through on a goal in the early minutes of the match.

After some few minutes the striker gave his side the lead, and Arsenal struggled to gain a foothold of the game but unfortunately slumped to their second loss of the season at the hands of the Stamford Bridge outfit.

As Arsenal supporters – the Gooners – took it to social media to express their bitterness about the Sunday’s defeat, Arsenal Chief Hill-Wood was also furious at Costa and branded him a “serial cheat”.

Speaking to Daily Star, Hill-Wood said: “I think he deliberately ran in front of Mertesacker, who hardly touched him.

“Yet Costa rolls around as if his legs have been cut off. Once the red card’s been shown, he’s suddenly perfectly all right again. That’s because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him. There certainly wasn’t soon after when he scored that goal.”

“Personally I think the referee should have sent him off for diving. It’s very annoying because to me it is blatant.”

The next few games for Arsenal are against Burnley in the FA Cup, Southampton, Bournemouth and Leicester City in the Barclays Premier League, with all the three matches played at home, away and home respectively.

This serves as a good opportunity for the Gunners to reclaim their successful season. Despite the loss to the Blues at the Emirates, Arsenal are still in great position in the Premier League.

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