Should Arsenal Place Szczesny On Transfer?

After being dropped to the bench by Wenger and fined £20,000 for smoking in the showers following Arsenal’s defeat at the hands of high flying Southampton; reports have emerged in the media that Wojciech Szczesny is not happy over the decisions to ax him from the team.

The Polish short stopper was replaced in goal by summer signing David Ospina, who didn’t have much to do in yesterday’s match at the Emirates. According to the Mirror, the Polish international was angry because the manager had told him earlier that he would be in goal during yesterday’s match only for him to be dropped for Ospina.

Most Arsenal fans saw this coming, and the Pole has no one but himself to blame for the misfortune that is befalling him at the club. Szczesny who was spotted on the bench sulking throughout the time the match was going on, has been quite erratic in Arsenal’s last few matches; causing us a lot of headaches and was responsible for giving away two cheap goals to Southampton at the St. Mary’s.

His father too didn’t help his case as he was all over the media last week blaming everyone but his son over the current situation facing the Pole. He was quoted in the media to have said:

“He made a mistake for the first (Southampton) goal, coming too far from the goal, but please look at the Arsenal defence – how these guys are playing is a disaster, but for some reason, nobody pays any attention to it. 

“Laurent Koscielny should immediately have run (back) to protect Wojciech, and Per Mertesacker should have stood in the goal,’ said Maciej.

“Unfortunately they did not do that and gave him zero support, and in that situation Mertesacker showed the agility of a rhinoceros.”

After casting so much aspersions on Szczesny’s teammates, he went ahead to attack the manager:

“Wojciech is often paying for it (the mistakes), and that he really cares. He needs someone who will critically analyse every game with him, but also remain positive.

“Someone should support him but the coaching staff at Arsenal are not doing that, meanwhile the entire defence this season is an embarrassment.”

This is not the first time Szczesny’s father would be criticising his son’s teammates; but this might just be the straw that breaks the back of the camel as most Arsenal fans are sick of his interferences.

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