Sir Alex Ferguson reveals his biggest mistake he made at Manchester United

Living Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson revealed to The Daily Mirror his biggest mistake at Man U. Surprisingly enough it was not about signing a player or selecting a line up, and happened over 15 years ago. Ferguson had announced he would be retiring at the end of the 2001 campaign. Yes, 2001, only 15 years into what turned out to be 26 year stint.

Fergie had announced that would be his last season at Old Trafford, but six months later he changed his mind. He agreed to stay at Old Trafford as he saw the possibility of guiding them to more success.

The biggest mistake I made was announcing it at the start of the season,” said Fergie to the Daily Mirror. “I think a lot of them had put their tools away. They thought, ‘Oh, the manager’s leaving’, but when I changed my mind in the January, I started thinking about United again and how we could get back on top.”

The Scotsman revealed his family and Man Utd staff members were the ones to change his mind. “In 2005, that period we didn’t win anything, just before that I had an attempted retirement and that affected everyone. It was a mistake and my wife and my three sons changed my attitude towards it and I started to think again.” said Ferguson.

He then got the chance to manager Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, guiding Man Utd to the Champions League title shortly thereafter.

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