Spor Toto Super League With The Statistics

Football fans still watch EPL, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. However Turkish Super League gave a break. Today, I am going to look at the Turkish League with the help of statistics, (according to www.whoscored.com) and try to compare with the other leagues. If you think about “Statistics are like mini-skirts, they don’t reveal everything.” quote, you are not right. Statistics are developed well compared to the past.


Some football Ecoles care of possession game. These Ecoles’ managers are, as you know, Pep Guardiola, Sarri, Jupp Heynckes etc. If the opponent doesn’t have the ball, that means they cannot score a goal. When we take a glance at EPL, Manchester City are well ahead in terms of possession rate. Average 66.2% is an amazing number. Well, what can I say? I hope Pep can reach 100% of possession. In Serie A, Napoli with Sarri have reached 60.1% average rate. In La Liga, Barça have 60.6% average possession. In Ligue 1, as you will guess, PSG and Bayern are at the top of the list in their own leagues.

What about Turkish Super League? Unfortunately, we are unable to see a dominant team here. There is no team which have possession more than 60%. Besiktas is in the leading position with 57.7%. We can say that no manager in Turkey plays the possessional game.

Pass Accuracy

In relation to possession, pass accuracy rates aren’t bright. BJK with 84.5% are at the top level. In big-five leagues, we see that at least one team (generally playing the possessional game) has more than 87%.


Nearly 2 months ago, I wrote about referee decisions. Every week, in the sport media people discuss them. Statistics show that Turkish Super League teams are shown lots of yellow and red cards. Only Serie A and Ligue 1 have number of cards more than cards shown in Turkey.


I think this is the funniest one. When Turkish Super League is compared with the big-five leagues, probably the most boring matches are watched. According to the average match ratings, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are at the top of the list. The rates are just 6.87. Can you believe that? In EPL, four teams are higher than 7.0. In Turkey even not a team can have reached 7.0.


I often complain that Spor Toto Super League doesn’t have a character which means it is not identified with any football ecole. We live in a transparent world. Napoli counter revolutionise against Italian football. In EPL, we can watch the positional game, parking the bus, counter football etc. However, in Turkey, we don’t this variety. Turkish Super League must be a league where every kind of ecoles faces off against each other.

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