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Spotted – World Class Manager Spotted At Stamford Bridge

Chelsea have had a terrible start to their season so far and their manager Jose Mourinho has not been able to keep himself out of the news in recent times.

Speculations about the future of current manager Jose Mourinho have been almost the only thing in the British media of recent and according to different sources Mourinho will be sacked after a really poor start of the season. In fact, some made claims that he would have been sacked after yesterday’s defeat against Liverpool but as it is, Mourinho is still basking in his job security.

Jose Mourinho said, “I have nothing to say” as he refused to answer any questions posed to him by the dauntless media after Liverpool trounced Chelsea 3-1 in their Barclays Premier League match at Stamford Bridge in the weekend.

The manager was said to have been seen with his staff at the Stamford Bridge after the match as he was apparently holding a meeting with them.

Although Mourinho and his team are doing badly, the Portuguese is still at the Stamford Bridge and fans feel he should be sat down and told to change certain aspect of his communication skills with the media.

Ancelotti might not be able to turn this situation around quickly enough and Pep Guardiola’s style of play is not Chelsea-like.

Maybe this meeting is what Mourinho should have had a long time ago but decided to delay it till now when it seems almost too late to do anything to salvage their predicament.

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