Suarez made a fool of Liverpool fans

Luis Suarez reiterated his desire to leave Liverpool FC on a number of occasions last summer after the club failed to reach the top four.

Suarez claimed it was nothing against Liverpool, rather the fact he wanted to play in the Champions League. When Arsenal put in a bid of £1 over the £40m asking price that he believed would release him, Suarez gave an interview with The Telegraph claiming that Liverpool had “betrayed” him.

“I have told the manager that I want to leave the club,” he said. “I am being accused of showing a lack of loyalty but last year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we did not qualify for the Champions League the following season then I would be allowed to go.”

Suarez was forced to stay at the club and a few months later he signed a new five-year-deal with Liverpool.

“I am delighted to have agreed a new deal with Liverpool and have my future secured for the long term,” said Suarez at the time. “I believe I can achieve the ambitions of winning trophies and playing at the very highest level with Liverpool.”

And Liverpool fans believed him.

However, Tony Evans, a Liverpool fan who is the football editor for The Times, has revealed this evening that the only reason why Suarez signed that contract was because it included a clause which stated he had to be sold if his asking price was met.

Given the reason that Suarez gave for wanting to leave Liverpool was his desire to play in the Champions League, some of their fans may now be scratching their heads as to why he has chosen to leave now that they have qualified for Europe’s elite competition again.

However, in the statement that he released after signing for Barcelona, Suarez claimed that he loved the club, loved the city, and signed it off with “you’ll never walk alone”. That’s literally all it takes for their fans to be convinced that he’s a legend, whilst it’s quite apparent to everybody else that he’s a racist who bites people who is relieved to finally have got his wish and been allowed to leave Liverpool.

Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra after he admitted that he called the United defender a “negro”. He claimed that he used the term in a “friendly and affectionate way”, which, in Uruguay, would mean it wasn’t offensive. However, independent language experts confirmed that the fact Suarez used the term whilst in the middle of a row with Evra means, conclusively, that in Uruguay this would be a term of racist abuse.

Still, this didn’t stop the Liverpool manager and players showing up at their next game with Suarez’s face on a t-shirt.

Whenever Evra has played at Anfield since then, he has been booed by the fans, for having the audacity of reporting the racist abuse one of their players dished out to him.

Liverpool have been shamed on a worldwide scale by Suarez, following his racism and repeated biting, and now he’s binned them off for a bigger and better club.

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