PICTURE: Anton makes dig after more Terry racism

Yesterday it was confirmed that Ted Terry, the father of Chelsea captain John, has been charged with racially-aggravated assault. John Terry was banned for five matches after the FA found him guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand on the pitch. Just like the chief magistrate in court, they deemed his defence “improbable and contrived”. This […]

Why the FA might still have a case against John Terry

Whilst it is probably unlikely that the FA will act against John Terry after the verdict today, it is certainly possible. To be convicted of a criminal offence, you have to appear guilty “beyond reasonable doubt”. As it cannot be proven that Terry didn’t think he heard Anton accuse him of calling him a “black […]

Reasons why Terry will and won’t be found guilty

Why Terry won’t be found guilty – The defence argue John Terry was merely repeating back what Anton Ferdinand said to him. Terry argues he heard Ferdinand accusing him of calling Ferdinand a “black cunt”. Defence also suggest that Terry could have misheard “Bridge” as “black”. – The defence painted Ferdinand as an unreliable witness. […]

John Terry Trial: Day 4 AM – Anton’s lack of sophistication and perceived vulnerability

Today started with the closing arguments from the defence and prosecution, with the prosecution arguing that Terry is no stranger from using physical attributes as a means of verbally abusing someone, whilst the defence argued Ferdinand was an unreliable witness and Terry could have easily misheard what Ferdinand said to him initially. “It is unlikely […]

John Terry Trial: Day 3 PM – No noise at the Emirates

Following John Terry giving his evidence this morning, England and club team mate, Ashley Cole, was called to the stand. The Chief Magistrate asked Cole to stand up but he replied: “I’d prefer to sit.” “I told my lawyer I didn’t want to get involved,” Cole said. “I know JT and I know Anton.” Cole […]

John Terry Trial: Day 3 AM – Fat Paddy Kenny and four f***s

The day started with Anton Ferdinand’s parents finding Terry supporters in the seats they had been sitting in on Monday and Tuesday. The Terry supporters refused to move and the Ferdinands complained to the officials. Duncan Penny, the Crown prosecution, suggested there was a discrepancy between what Terry told the FA about incident in October […]

John Terry Trial: Day 2 AM – Camera angles and 2,000 character witnesses

Day two of the trial began with demonstrators outside Westminster Magistrates Court holding up ‘Climate Emergency’ banners as Terry arrived. Terry‬ swapped his grey suit with pink tie for traditional dark suit with black tie for his expected appearance in the witness box. Anton Ferdinand’s parents and Chelsea chairman, Bruce Buck, were in the public […]

John Terry Trial: Day 1 PM – “Shagging gestures” and lip-readers

This morning we found out that the argument over John Terry trying to win a penalty after a coming together with Anton Ferdinand lead to a, well, “debate”, as Terry called it. Terry called Ferdinand a cunt, Ferdinand responded by claiming Terry was a cunt for shagging his team-mates’ missus. For clarity, the “shagging gesture” […]

John Terry Trial: Day 1 AM – Bad breath and c***s

Crown alleges Terry said to Ferdinand: “Fuck off, fuck off, fucking black cunt, fucking nobhead.” Crown says there is “very little dispute” between lipreading experts on what Terry said to Ferdinand but the defence claims it was “sarcastic”. Footage of the incident was shown which was filmed by Chelsea‬ for “future training purposes” and unbroadcast […]

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