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How would the greatest Premier League players be valued in today’s market

The Premier League is so named for a reason. It’s not just the best league in English football; it’s arguably the best league in the world. Some of the greatest players in the game have played in the Premier League, many while at the top of their game. In recent seasons, the amount of money […]

VIDEO: Boyhood Arsenal fan leads Blackburn to victory at the Emirates

“I have been a huge Arsenal fan since I was a little kid so this match is really special for me,” Colin Kazim-Richards revealed five years ago ahead of Arsenal’s game against Fenerbahce, his previous club. Today he put them out of the FA Cup, scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win.

Blackburn Rovers job: An opportunity for the right man, if he exists…‏

I am not really one to wish ill on anybody, certainly not to the point where anyone is robbed of their livelihood and/or their job. But in the case of Steve Kean I am willing to make an exception. After spending nearly two years being a 50% stake in a party systematically taking apart a […]

Blackburn Rovers boycott? I can’t do it

It won’t have escaped many people’s attention that there is something of a circus going on at Blackburn Rovers Football Club. Not an actual and literal circus of course, we’re a little short of elephants, ringmasters and trapeze artists for that sort of extravaganza. Although we’ve certainly got enough clowns for one. And we’d probably […]

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