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John Terry

General Kante

‘I was at the Chelsea training ground last week to see Eden Hazard and noticed N’Golo Kante wandering back to the changing rooms. So I went over to him and stood in front of him. And I poked him in the chest. I had to, just to check if he was real! “You are real, […]

Premier League heavyweights Manchester City and Chelsea set for clash of the day

Manchester City host Chelsea in the Premier League tomorrow in a game that could, in time, prove hugely influential in just where the top flight crown goes at the conclusion of the season. Pep Guardiola’s City come up against Antonio Conti’s Blues in a keenly anticipated contest at the Etihad Stadium with both teams in […]

Premier League Race Continues to Excite

Thirteen games in and an exciting race to win the 2016/17 Premier League title is already shaping up, with four teams threatening to pull away from the chasing bunch. The odds have been jumping all over the place, but there are now some established favourites, and bookmakers are offering free bets to tempt fans into […]

PICTURE: Anton makes dig after more Terry racism

Yesterday it was confirmed that Ted Terry, the father of Chelsea captain John, has been charged with racially-aggravated assault. John Terry was banned for five matches after the FA found him guilty of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand on the pitch. Just like the chief magistrate in court, they deemed his defence “improbable and contrived”. This […]

Is Liverpool striker justified in making Chelsea captain comparison?

Luis Suarez revealed earlier this month that he was ready to leave Liverpool FC. Rather than being honest to the fans and explaining that, justifiably, he wants to join a better club who can compete for the Champions League every year, he has blamed his decision on the country. Suarez has been regularly criticised in […]

TRANSFER RUMOURS: Chelsea captain to Monaco, Manchester City striker to Liverpool, Hulk to Chelsea

John Terry to Monaco 3/6/13 – Jose Mourinho appointed manager of Chelsea, who Claude Makelele was sacked after John Terry threatened to hand in a transfer request after the manager claimed he would drop him. 6/6/13 – Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager: “I am a coach who looks for a meritocracy. Whoever I think is best […]

Have Chelsea captain and manager kissed and made up after JT got Mourinho sacked?

Claude Makelele published an autobiography in 2009, ‘Tout Simplement’, which revealed that the reason behind Jose Mourinho’s dismissal in 2007 was John Terry. After being told that he was going to be dropped, a disgruntled Terry apparently went to complain about the manager to Peter Kenyon and Roman Abramovich. Then he gave the club an […]

PICTURE: Chelsea captain wears full kit again… despite not playing

Chelsea won the Europa League final this evening following an injury time winning head from Branislav Ivanovic, after Benfica had earlier had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside. John Terry was not in the squad after being ruled out through injury yet still took to the pitch wearing his full kit. The Chelsea captain received […]

How lies, the Nou Camp and changes to statements cost Chelsea men in commision’s verdict

Commission conclusion – It’s not just “highly unlikely” that Ferdinand accused Terry of calling him a “black cunt”, but that he did not, because in the brief time that it took Ferdinand to advance up the pitch towards Terry, why would the focus of Ferdinand’s abuse and insults of Terry have changed so quickly from […]

Is Rio Ferdinand really too old for England? Erm, what about Lampard?

Rio Ferdinand was left out of England’s Euro 2012 squad for “footballing reasons” according to Roy Hodgson, although it is widely accepted that the England manager preferred John Terry and the two couldn’t be in the same squad following the Chelsea captain shouting “black cunt” at Rio’s brother. The fact Martin Kelly, who had struggled […]

Can Chelsea man still claim to be a Captain, Leader and Legend?

John Terry is a more interesting and complex man than most of us think. Here is a man who – to many – embodies everything wrong with the modern footballer. The view is he is grossly overpaid, egotistical, he is a thug, he is rapacious, he is a cheat, a liar, a man-child. He believes […]

Why did Chelsea player get half the punishment of Liverpool’s?

John Terry was today found guilty of “using abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Ferdinand and which included a reference to colour and/or race contrary to FA Rule E3[2]” and banned for four games as well as handed a £220,000 fine. The outcome of this case had been easily predicted since the Chief Magistrate’s […]

If Chelsea captain was “not guilty”, how can the FA punish him?

John Terry retired from International football this week after claiming the FA had made his position in the squad “untenable”. This is a huge turnaround from the statement he made less than five months ago, claiming that nothing would convince him to make the decision to stop playing for his country. “I’m not going to […]

Chelsea captain retires from International football

Former England captain, John Terry, has today announced his retirement from International football, blaming the FA for his decision. “I feel The FA have made my position with the national team untenable,” he said. “Representing and captaining my country is what I dreamed of as a boy and it has been a truly great honour. […]

Why the FA might still have a case against John Terry

Whilst it is probably unlikely that the FA will act against John Terry after the verdict today, it is certainly possible. To be convicted of a criminal offence, you have to appear guilty “beyond reasonable doubt”. As it cannot be proven that Terry didn’t think he heard Anton accuse him of calling him a “black […]

Reasons why Terry will and won’t be found guilty

Why Terry won’t be found guilty – The defence argue John Terry was merely repeating back what Anton Ferdinand said to him. Terry argues he heard Ferdinand accusing him of calling Ferdinand a “black cunt”. Defence also suggest that Terry could have misheard “Bridge” as “black”. – The defence painted Ferdinand as an unreliable witness. […]

John Terry Trial: Day 4 AM – Anton’s lack of sophistication and perceived vulnerability

Today started with the closing arguments from the defence and prosecution, with the prosecution arguing that Terry is no stranger from using physical attributes as a means of verbally abusing someone, whilst the defence argued Ferdinand was an unreliable witness and Terry could have easily misheard what Ferdinand said to him initially. “It is unlikely […]

John Terry Trial: Day 3 PM – No noise at the Emirates

Following John Terry giving his evidence this morning, England and club team mate, Ashley Cole, was called to the stand. The Chief Magistrate asked Cole to stand up but he replied: “I’d prefer to sit.” “I told my lawyer I didn’t want to get involved,” Cole said. “I know JT and I know Anton.” Cole […]

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