Are we witnessing a paradigm shift, speed over talent and skills?

The Vision- Spotting your teammate’s run put that perfect ball in for him…Spot a gap between two defenders enough for you to pass, go for it. Goalkeeper is out of position or not covering a corner, go for that cracker… The vision makes the player…Speed and skills he’s born with, like everyone! Companies like Stats […]

Bellerin, Ozil and Walcott star in new Junior Gunners App

Arsenal Football Club Launches Junior Gunners App Arsenal has become the first Premier League football club to launch a fully interactive children’s app specifically for its young supporters. Junior Gunners and young Arsenal fans globally can look forward to joining a virtual Arsenal world and playing a host of fun and educational games. They will […]

Arsenal player’s words come back to haunt him against Manchester United

Ahead of Manchester United’s victory over Arsenal, Mesut Ozil gave a very cocky interview in which he claimed that his side would definitely win. As it turned out, Ozil struggled to make an impression on the game and Arsenal once again found themselves on the losing side at Old Trafford, with their former captain, Robin […]

German press claim Manchester United will sign Real Madrid midfielder

German newspaper, Bild, has reported that Manchester United are set to make a bid of £38m+ to sign Mesut Özil from Real Madrid. Josep Pedrerol, who is a presenter on Spanish football TV programme Punto Pelota, claims that the deal is dependent on Gareth Bale’s transfer from Tottenham Hotspur. “We have already reported that Real […]

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