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Michael Owen

Are we witnessing a paradigm shift, speed over talent and skills?

The Vision- Spotting your teammate’s run put that perfect ball in for him…Spot a gap between two defenders enough for you to pass, go for it. Goalkeeper is out of position or not covering a corner, go for that cracker… The vision makes the player…Speed and skills he’s born with, like everyone! Companies like Stats […]

Manchester United – A Seven Aside

For the first time since Michael Owen, Manchester United are starting a season without a player wearing the number 7 shirt. In the end it took a neat side-step from Antonio Valencia (which is funny, ‘cus he doesn’t do that anymore) to consign the shirt to Albert Morgan’s sewing box for the foreseeable future. There […]

Liverpool Legend? Already gone but never forgotten

They grew up together, they played together, they won together, and they lost together. Now, quite fittingly, Jamie Carragher and Michael Owen bow out together. Room-mates for years and best friends off the pitch, within six weeks of one another, they have both announced that they are to retire at the end of the season. […]

Owen: I’d have had a longer career and more medals if I picked Manchester United over Liverpool

After being a hero for Liverpool fans, Michael Owen’s popularity in Merseyside took a steep nose-dive when he left the club on a free transfer and joined Real Madrid, despite repeatedly claiming he wanted to extend his contract. To add insult to injury, Owen later joined their hated rivals, Manchester United, and went on to […]

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