We’ve created a monster – Olympians vs Footballers

The other night, Sky News promoted their upcoming sports headlines with footage of Wayne Rooney’s infamous sweary episode in East London juxtaposed with a demure Jesssica Ennis bashfully waving at adoring crowds in Sheffield. What it lacked in subtlety, it more than made up for in bandwagon jumping; footballers bad, Olympians good. The groundswell of […]

Is Suarez not used to the booing by now?

The FA ruled that on the “balance of probability”, Luis Suarez racially abused Patrice Evra in a game between rivals Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield. The most damning evidence was probably the argument that “negro” could only be considered a safe term if used in a friendly way. Given that Suarez and Evra were […]

Olympic Spirit: the amateurs who played for Manchester United

These days it would normally be a term of abuse to call a Manchester United footballer ‘an amateur’, but it wasn’t always so. Sometimes it’s simply been a statement of fact, albeit applying to less than a dozen players in United’s history from the 1880s to the 1960s. Thoughts about this select band who pulled […]

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