Analysing Liverpool’s Title Credentials

“The Chihauhaus” of this season’s horse-themed title race according to Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool have exceeded everyone’s expectations this season and now find themselves at the end of their five year period in the doldrums, competing at the business end of the Premier League table once again. But are they really title contenders? Rodgers himself doesn’t […]

Time Running Out For Manchester United Manager

There comes a point when admirable loyalty to a cause becomes blind naivety. Those United fans still standing by David Moyes in the belief that he will be a success at Old Trafford anytime soon are now finding themselves firmly in the latter category. Every week more and more adopt the viewpoint I’ve had since […]

Is it time to consider Everton genuine top four contenders?

Everton for the latter half of the David Moyes era were the perennial ‘Will they, won’t they?’ team in the Premier League with regards to qualification for the UEFA Champions League. Many times Everton were discounted by people courtesy of their regular poor starts to campaigns only for performances to pick up to a consistent […]

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