Manchester United’s Defence: I Don’t Want To Talk About It

For a minute there, I thought we were going to be treated (for treated read: not at all treated) to front row seats as David Moyes’ private fantasy – of running a team with Rio and Vidic at the heart of the defence, no matter what – played out all over our goal difference for […]

Riogate: England, fitness and Manchester United

Into his 17th year as a professional footballer, Rio Ferdinand still has the knack for a headline or two. The 34 year old centre-back has (unwittingly?) blown up the Twitterverse with a starring role in Riogate (the 2013 edition). Engulfing, for lack of a more descriptive adjective, 140 characters of opinion around the world, one […]

Does Rio Ferdinand still have a future at Manchester United?

Rio Ferdinand had a pretty bad year both on and off the pitch, and he hasn’t held back in letting his feelings known. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Rio got himself involved in ‘tshirtgate’. However, what did surprise a lot of people is that he defied Sir Alex in public […]

His name is Rio and he watches from the stands…

The good ship England football team is in ‘there be dragons territory‘. The old certainties of the Golden Generation are being shredded – Terry is gone, Ferdinand is in the wilderness, Lampard is increasingly a side-lined figure. Gerrard, in the twilight of his international career, is finally playing where he’d like to play. The sad […]

Is Rio Ferdinand really too old for England? Erm, what about Lampard?

Rio Ferdinand was left out of England’s Euro 2012 squad for “footballing reasons” according to Roy Hodgson, although it is widely accepted that the England manager preferred John Terry and the two couldn’t be in the same squad following the Chelsea captain shouting “black cunt” at Rio’s brother. The fact Martin Kelly, who had struggled […]

STATS: Manchester United’s pass master and Rio’s clearances

Passes 1. Michael Carrick 115/126 – 91.3% 2. Morgan Schneiderlin 57/64 – 89.1% 3. Steven Davis 56/60 – 93.3% 4. Nemanja Vidic 51/58 – 87.9% 5. Tom Cleverley 50/53 – 94.3% Manchester United 518/587 – 88.2% Southampton 402/487 – 82.5% Attacking third passes 1. Michael Carrick 25/29 – 86.2% 2. Antonio Valencia 18/23 – 78.3% […]

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