Are we witnessing a paradigm shift, speed over talent and skills?

The Vision- Spotting your teammate’s run put that perfect ball in for him…Spot a gap between two defenders enough for you to pass, go for it. Goalkeeper is out of position or not covering a corner, go for that cracker… The vision makes the player…Speed and skills he’s born with, like everyone! Companies like Stats […]

Are Liverpool a one Mané team?

It’s a familiar refrain heard in football conversations around the world – ‘you’re just a one-man team!’ Ironically football is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball made out of leather, enjoyed by millions, made in England, but transcends gender, race, religion and locality. Football is arguably the […]

How would the greatest Premier League players be valued in today’s market

The Premier League is so named for a reason. It’s not just the best league in English football; it’s arguably the best league in the world. Some of the greatest players in the game have played in the Premier League, many while at the top of their game. In recent seasons, the amount of money […]

Paying tribute to Ryan Giggs – Trophies, records, stats, team mates and awards

‘He’s an incredible human being. It’s as simple as that’ – the words used by Sir Alex Ferguson to describe a player who might just get a statue or an Old Trafford stand named in his honour in similar fashion to the wily old Scot. Many within the game have even tipped him to replace […]

How much longer does Giggsy have left?

Ryan Giggs has not been tearing teams apart lately but his performance against West Ham in the FA Cup third round replay suggests that he is still capable of rolling back the years and making an effective contribution. It is for performances like this that Sir Alex Ferguson offers him one-year contracts for the last […]

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