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Terry Leaving Chelsea

Team-mate Confirms: Our Captain Will Leave Chelsea in the Summer, Man Utd Superstar Calls him a Role Model

Chelsea forward Willian is not anticipating having John Terry as a team-mate next season because it seems Chelsea are not likely to extend his contract which expires in the summers.

Speaking to Squawka, Willian said: “I think he would like to stay longer with us, but unfortunately it seems he won’t be able to remain as a Chelsea player.”

“The club won’t probably extend his contract. I can just wish him the best of luck for the rest of his career. He is definitely one of the greatest or maybe the greatest player of Chelsea’s history. He’s won everything for this club. He is respected by all of us.”

Terry joined Chelsea as a 14-year-old and has made almost 700 appearances for the club in all competitions, winning three League Cups, five FA Cups, Premier League titles, the Europa League and the Champions League.

Willian believes the England international ranks among the club’s best ever players.

He is definitely one of the greatest or maybe the greatest player of Chelsea’s history,” said Willian. “He’s won everything for this club. He is respected by all of us.

“I’m thankful for having the opportunity to play beside him. I’ve learnt a lot from John Terry.”

The Blues center-back recently announced he had been offered no new deal by the club, amid reports that the club’s officials want to leave the decision on the 35-year-old’s future in the hands of the incoming permanent manager who will succeed current interim boss Guus Hiddink.

The fans have been alerted on the possible departure of John Terry, and they have payed tribute displaying only their ‘JT: Captain. Leader, Legend’ banner at Stamford Bridge.

Terry is well regarded by those he’s played with and against, and Manchester United’s Chris Smalling has revealed that the Blues captain is indeed a “role model” for any centre-half.

Anyone who wants to be a centre-half would have to say that John Terry is a role model,” Smalling told The Sunday Mirror in an interview.

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John has never had blistering pace, but he didn’t need it because he’s always in the right place for every situation. He also gets the other players to work around him and that has enabled him to have such a great career.

“John is a class performer. He has played all season and, while Chelsea’s results haven’t been great, I have no doubt that he’s definitely got more years in the locker. I would put him right up there with the very best.”
Terry has made it clear he didn’t want to play against Chelsea, ruling out a move to a rival Premier League club.

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