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The biggest wins for the smallest stakes

Some people just have a knack for winning bets.  Whether they know loads about sport or just have lady luck on their side, some win big for giving away little and you can find out more with the campaign to find the best bets.

With the Champions League reaching its final stages and the big guns battling it out to be Champions of Europe, it’s always worth betting a few quid. With only four teams left you might not get the greatest odds ever, and you’d have to bet a lot to win £500,000. However, this time last year, one lucky football fan walked away with exactly that after laying down only 30p.

The unnamed man made a fifteen game accumulator bet with winning odds of around 1,666,666 to one. Yet when Bayern Munich lifted the Champions League trophy at Wembley Stadium last year, he was half a million quid better off. Now that’s got to be one of the ever right?

What makes it all the more spectacular is that apparently it was the same bloke who some years earlier had won around £157,000 by betting Manchester United would win the Champions League back in 1999 on another accumulator bet.

Now, either this guy is incredibly lucky, knows more about football than anyone else on the planet, or he’s come back from the future in a time machine with a fistful of football results.

Are you lucky too?  Give us a tweet  @bgo_official on Twitter, using the hashtag #bgoBestBets for a chance to see if you’re lucky enough to have yours published on their blog.

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